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How We Work

Helping Businesses Enhance Profitability Through Technology for 25+ Years

We offer two different options when it comes to providing support to our customers

Standard Hourly Support

With this option we charge a very competitive hourly rate for any service we provide, with adjusted half time for travel. The rate is the same for all types of service including both on-site and remote support and includes any type of work that would need to be done. We track our time to the minute so there is no minimum charge and you will only be billed for time spent.

Annual Support Plan

On the plan you pay a monthly amount which provides for a certain number of hours for the year.  The hours for your plan year are estimated based on your needs, which we will assess with you as part of our initial discussions. Our plans are flexible based on your individual needs. The plan covers all types of service including both on-site and remote support. The advantage of our plan is that it provides you with a discount from the standard hourly rate.

With either support option billing is done on a bi-weekly basis and every invoice you receive from us will include details of the service provided.

Advantages to working with Expert Solutions vs. an in-house IT support provider

We provide only the service you need.

We have a strong team of people to provide support.

Because we work with so many businesses we have a wide range of experience.

You do not need to manage our work.

Access to Resources

One technician is not assigned to your account.  However the same technician will work on the same types of issues. For example, a server specialist will always handle your server work, and a workstation specialist will always work on workstation issues. This allows us to provide more rapid response times and ensure better resolution of your issues. It also allows for overlap so that all us here are familiar with the needs of your network.


We love what we do and  have been doing this for many years. We have extensive experience in many areas and aspects of technology.  These include workstations, servers, networks, printers, software, websites, web based applications, custom programming, etc.  When we don’t have an immediate answer we quickly research the issue and find a solution and options for moving forward.


We enjoy working with people who have a strong IT background.  In situations where a client has a staff member with IT experience, that person can play an important role.  We can provide support to your employee for the more complicated, non-routine IT management tasks.  We can also act as advisor to that person to discuss options and requirements for system enhancements and problem resolution.

Support Options

We support our clients via the following– phone, email, remote connection and on site.  The first three methods allow for the fastest completion times and the lowest cost to you.  Our remote PC connection is especially useful since it allows us to see problems and take corrective action immediately.  On-site service is required for installation of new equipment or to provide service when the internet is not available for a remote connection.

Schedule On-Site Suppport

Schedule Remote Suppport

Need Remote Assistance?

This tool will allow us to connect to your system and assist with your issue.

Steps to Download and Connect to one our technicians

  1. 1. Click on the button in the bottom of this window to download the AnyDesk application
  2. 2. Depending on your browser you should see the file downloaded in the lower left or upper right of your window.
  3. 3. Once the downloaded is complete you can double click on it to open it and run the AnyDesk remote application.
  4. 4. With the application open you should see a 9 digit number labeled as "Your Address" we will need you to provide us with this number in order to connect to your PC.
  5. 5. When prompted click on the green "approve" button to allow the request coming from us before we will be able to see your screen.

If at anytime you wish to end your session simply close the AnyDesk application window to close the connection.