About Us - Expert Solutions Inc. | West Chester, PA
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About Us

Helping Businesses Enhance Profitability Through Technology for 25+ Years

Expert Solutions has provided technology support to local businesses for over 25 years. We provide design, implementation and support for our clients’ technology systems using practical, proven and reliable solutions while introducing new options to keep their systems moving forward with the progression of technology.

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many wonderful people and organizations in a wide range of industries. It has been exciting and rewarding to introduce and implement new technologies for our clients and to see how this has added to their overall business success and profitability.

We understand the challenges, the time and the investment needed by our clients to stay current in the ever changing technology landscape. We have a great team made up of knowledgeable, caring and experienced people here at Expert Solutions, backed up by many technology partners, ready to help you meet these challenges.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a strong, secure and efficient information technology foundation that supports their existing operations and positions them take advantage of new technologies to maintain their competitive edge. This goal requires us to continually educate ourselves on changes in our clients’ circumstances, marketplace and their competition. We strive to earn the trust of our clients so they view us as a partner in their success.

Team of Experts

The success of any team depends on the contributions of all of its members. All of us at Expert Solutions look forward to our continued learning, growing and helping our clients achieve success.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking to add talented and knowledgeable members to our team here at Expert Solutions. If you are interested in working with us please send us a copy of your resume.

Need Remote Assistance?

This tool will allow us to connect to your system and assist with your issue.

Steps to Download and Connect to one our technicians

  1. 1. Click on the button in the bottom of this window to download the AnyDesk application
  2. 2. Depending on your browser you should see the file downloaded in the lower left or upper right of your window.
  3. 3. Once the downloaded is complete you can double click on it to open it and run the AnyDesk remote application.
  4. 4. With the application open you should see a 9 digit number labeled as "Your Address" we will need you to provide us with this number in order to connect to your PC.
  5. 5. When prompted click on the green "approve" button to allow the request coming from us before we will be able to see your screen.

If at anytime you wish to end your session simply close the AnyDesk application window to close the connection.