Technology Solutions Topic #3

Try It Before You Buy It








We feel it is extremely important to test new technology to find out how it could fit into your operations and be a benefit to you.  We know it is difficult to identify what new technology to explore.We have identified the following three devices of having great potential for enhancing your technology system.

Windows 8 PC – Even if you don’t need a new computer at this time, consider installing a Windows 8 PC to test compatibility with your current software programs and network as well as to provide users with an opportunity to see what is different with this operating system.

Tablet PC – Just like installing a Windows 8 PC, setting up a tablet in your network is a great way to see how it works and if there are benefits to integrating this type of device into your operations

Thin Client – This is probably something you haven’t heard about.  It is a new type of computer, that can do everything your current PC does, but at a lower initial cost and greatly reduced ongoing maintenance requirements.

To encourage you to try these devices, we are willing to lend you any of these devices for a week so you can see how they work and their value to your operations. Your only cost would be a maximum two hour installation fee per device.