Internet Solutions Topic #1

New Visitor Experience























Imagine that a new customer walked into your office just now. Would you get up to greet them and ask how you can help or would you just let them wander around assuming that they will find what they are looking for? Of course you would get up to greet them and direct them to the information they need.

Now take a minute to relate that to your website. Does your website have a new user experience to capture those customers who have never been there before? Do you have a process in place that will allow them to easily find the information that they are looking for? That is what a new visitor experience is all about.

When a new visitor first comes to your website why not make it easy for them to find the information that they need. Below is a diagram that shows how the new visitor experience ties into the rest of our website.The items in green represent the components of the new visitor experience.

website site map

We have created a landing page for visitors where they can easily see the variety of different industries that we work with. From there they can click on the “Get Started” button and they are taken to a page with the two major departments of our business. If they are looking for information related to technology they can find it under the technology solutions heading and the same goes for internet solutions. This page has a picture of both people that are the main points of contact for the departments. From there they can get more information for either department or email the main point of contact directly.