How do I contact you to request support?

There are three ways to request support:

Call us at 610-430-0800
Email us at
Submit a support request using the “Submit a Support Request” link on our homepage


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What advantages do you offer compared to an in-house IT support person?

There are a number of advantages:

We provide only the service you need.
We have a strong team of people to provide support.
Because we work with so many businesses we have a wide range of experience.
You do not need to manage our work.

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Can you handle all of my business technology needs?

We have significant experience in many areas of technology.  These include workstations, servers, networks, printers, software, websites, web based applications, etc.  When we don’t have an immediate answer we quickly research the issue and find a solution.

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Do you offer annual support contracts?

The majority of our IT support clients have signed up for our annual IT Management Plan.  The plan offers a 20% hourly rate reduction.  A fixed monthly amount is billed based on your anticipated service needs.  If  actual service requirements exceed the annual total of your monthly payments, we invoice you for the additional time.  If your […]

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