CrashPlan is an affordable cloud-based backup solution designed with small business in mind. Protect your business data from user error, virus and ransomware attacks, and hardware failure. All backups are encrypted for your protection. You have the ability to customize what is being backed up, when and where, including in the option to send an additional copy to a local drive.

With unlimited storage you no longer have to be concerned with increase costs in terms of backup capacity. This additional layer of data protection can provide you piece of mind that your data will be there if and when you need it. You have the ability to view and restore your data from any device anywhere from the administration console.

Below is a list of requirements to get started with CrashPlan:

  • Verify network and system requirements are met
  • Determine data in the system that needs to be backed up
  • Credit Card to keep on file

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How much does Crashplan cost?
Do they offer a trial version of CrashPlan?
How does CrashPlan compare to other cloud solutions like Dropbox or Google drive?
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