File Sharing

Do you have duplicate copies of a file? Are you not sure which is the most current version? Are you using email attachments as a way to share your files with your internal and external resources? Are you frustrated with how this is currently working for you?

There are a variety of different free and […]

Data File Management

Struggling with Data File Overload?
Due to the volume, diversity and location of data files – spreadsheets, documents, emails, PDF files, CAD drawings, pictures, sound files and video files – it is not hard to feel disorganized and overwhelmed. Where is each document stored? Which one is the latest version? Has everyone been alerted to […]

Technology – Friend or Foe?

Technology is a major component in the success of your business but it is also one of the biggest threats to its survival. ¬†Whether you sell a product or service, your business is not exempt from this threat. ¬†It is easy to think of industries that have been severely damaged or destroyed by very […]