Our Valuable Team Members

Bill Greiner
Network Engineer
Three words that best describe Bill – are experienced, steady, and careful. He knows what will work and what will not. He knows you will be counting on him and he cannot let you down.
Danielle O’Fria
Technology & Internet Solutions Coordinator
If you are concerned that you will not know what to do, do not worry, Danielle always has ideas and ways to make things work. Her focus is on helping clients identify their strengths.
Jim Henry
President & Founder
Why does it need done? What are the alternatives? What is the best option? These are some of the questions Jim needs answered to help guide everyone to the best and most cost effective solution.
John Crothers
Senior Applications Developer
Your project becomes his mission. He will make sure your system provides exactly what you need and more. John is never at a loss for great ideas and he is not bashful about expressing them.
Ruth King
Applications Developer
The success of any team depends on the contributions of all of its members. Ruth provides the behind the scenes support that helps both ESI and your project to be a success.
Tatum Enders
Tatum knows that accuracy is critical in her role. She strives to make our record keeping system the best it can be so that you have a comprehensive accounting of our time.
Yudi Santoso
Systems Analyst
Conquering challenges is Yudi’s specialty and passion. He solves the most difficult problems and always does so with a smile and a funny story.