Struggling with Data File Overload?

Due to the volume, diversity and location of data files – spreadsheets, documents, emails, PDF files, CAD drawings, pictures, sound files and video files – it is not hard to feel disorganized and overwhelmed. Where is each document stored? Which one is the latest version? Has everyone been alerted to new or updated files? Can I access a file from anywhere?

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are great, easy to implement solutions that will enable you to take control of your business data files. These solutions will clear up the confusion and provide you and your staff with all the information you need to effectively manage your business.

The first phase of our process is to fully understand everything about how data files are used in your business.  The steps in this process are:

Step #1 – Identify who creates, receives and changes data files.
Step #2 – Identify where data files are stored and backed up.
Step #3 – Identify the information being stored in data files.
Step #4 – Identify how data files are being shared between your staff, vendors and customers.
Step #5 – Identify how data files are related to events such projects, quotes, customer service issues, etc.

With this information we can recommend alternatives so you can take control of all of your data files to better understand and manage your business operations.

Please call us to find out more information on how we have helped other local businesses succeed in eliminating data file overload.